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The Passion For Paisley

The Passion For Paisley

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A dominant force in pattern on the catwalk, paisley is back in fashion and not just in haute couture, but in interiors too. Today’s paisley creates an elegant statement reflective of the 17th Century cashmere shawls and the true vintage paisleys based on the beautiful, curling jewel-embellished floral motifs of Eastern origin.

Beautifully drawn paisley designs are created with an all-over effect. They can be used as a classical inspired style or as a modern take with subtle contemporary shades, creating a fresh twist on a true classic of design. Thanks to the fluid, curling and swirling organic forms, they can be used in a wide variety of locations, in public spaces and bedrooms alike, working equally well in both large and small spaces.

Current uses are for large scale with lots of detail – or a more simplistic treatment with fresh palettes, avoiding the heavy colour schemes associated with traditional paisley designs. Either way, the end result is much the same – a clean and contemporary look ideal for today’s interiors.

In design terms, paisley has never really disappeared, remaining a constant within pattern books and always finding a way to stay in fashion. An iconic and versatile design in any scheme, paisley reflects a beautiful classical style that now reflects high fashion trends with a timeless beauty.

Wilton Carpets Commercial has become one of the foremost suppliers of carpet for the hospitality industry, with its standard offer and bespoke design service delivering a blend of style, performance and value. Responsible for many of the manufacturer’s stunning creations, design manager Julie Robertson, explores the latest trends in carpet for the sector.

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