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Axminster Ready To Weave

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    4.00m (13.12ft) Broadloom – BS 3655
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    Min order quantity 100sqm
  • Britain
    Made in Britain
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Axminster Ready To Weave

Inspired by the Beidermeier movement, rich in detail and lux colours.

Harking to a period of rapid social change as the 19th century middle classes could afford to take an interest in arts and interiors, these designs capture the growing sense of identity of the emerging bourgeoise.

Channeling 19th century European splendor, Vienna is presented in the soft, contemporary colours of our Serenity palette.

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  • width
    4.00m (13.12ft) Broadloom – BS 3655
  • arrows
    Min order quantity 100sqm
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    Usually available in 4-6 weeks
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  • Britain
    Made in Britain
  • Style: Classic
  • Style: Contemporary
  • Design: Classical
  • Design: Distressed
Full spec
  • Construction: Axminster
  • Pile content: 80% wool, 20% nylon
  • Width: 4.00m
  • Pile weight:
  • Rows: 7
  • Pitch: 9
  • Backing: Polyester/polypropylene
  • Backing treatment: SBR Latex
  • Total carpet thickness: 9.00mm +/- 1.00 mm (0.35 inches) ISO 1765 (BS 4223)
  • Total carpet weight: Dependent on quality selected
  • Suitability for use: Medium to heavy commercial contract