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We’ve dedicated ourselves to crafting
beautiful and durable wool carpets
for a broad range of commercial environments,
without compromise.

About us

Part of the fabric and heritage of the country

While we continue to invest in state of the art, high-speed looms and technology to improve business efficiency, there are some parts of the Wilton story we cling on to: we still weave all of our carpet on the same site we started on, 300 years ago; we continue to use British wool, renowned for it’s hardy durability; and we maintain a relentless attention to the quality of what we produce so we continue to live up to our enduring reputation.

About Us

British wool

Sheep have evolved to produce one of the most effective natural forms of all-weather protection. And because of our famously intemperate weather, British sheep produce one of the hardiest of wools.

It’s renewable, biodegradable, and a natural insulator; wool absorbs and releases humidity, and can reduce floating dust particles, trapping them in the fibres until they can be safely vacuumed and disposed of, meaning wool carpets help enhance the internal environment.

Using homegrown wool reduces our product miles, lessens our environmental impact, supports British growers and improves certainty of supply.

About Us

Outstanding service and support – we’re here for every step

Carpet is a technical part of an interior scheme, and from our project consultants to designers; weavers to the quality inspection team, the whole process is looked after by dedicated specialists who bring their experience and professionalism to each job.

We love what we do, from meeting people equally passionate about their work, getting to know beautiful buildings, the creative process and the hum of our busy factory in the heart of Wiltshire. We’d be happy to hear from you and develop an understanding of your project. Get in touch!

About Us

Ethos, accreditations and affiliations

We’re dependent on British sheep and the grass they graze on across this country. We’re also based within a rural conservation area straddling three shallow, chalk-bedded rivers that are home to a great variety of wildlife. This area has been designated a site of Special Scientific Interest (SSI) so represents our ethos to be safe, clean and protective of our environment. We’re proud to be ISO 14001 certified.

Our other partnerships reflect our commitment to quality, International standards, as well as cooperation with respected industry bodies and the sharing of expertise and best practice.

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