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    100 sqm min qty
  • weave
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    Around 4 weeks
  • Britain
    Made in Britain
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Flexible Coordinates

The designs in this collection are grouped to show a hero concept with coordinating patterns. Each design looks beautiful in isolation, but where there’s a call for different zones of a pub or restaurant, or guestrooms leading into a corridor, these harmonising designs allow for design connectivity.  Earthy tones and warm greys anchor these designs in a very current colourspace, with pops of softer pinks and blues, rich reds and oranges as well as fresher greens.

Complementary designs to create a cohesive flow through a building.

Dynamic designs with harmonising textures.

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We’d be happy to chat about how we can help you use the designs in this collection to best effect.  Get in touch.


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  • width
    3.66m 12ft
  • arrows
    100 sqm min qty
  • weave
  • clock
    Around 4 weeks
  • repeat
  • Britain
    Made in Britain
  • Style: Contemporary
  • Design: Circles
  • Design: Distressed
  • Design: Floral
  • Design: Foliage
  • Design: Fractured
  • Design: Geometric
  • Design: Herringbone
  • Design: Scrolls
  • Design: Trellis
Full spec
  • Construction: Axminster
  • Pile content: 80% wool 20% nylon
  • Width: 3.66m 12ft
  • Pile weight: Dependent on quality selected
  • Rows: 7-10 row
  • Pitch: 8 row
  • Backing: Polyester and polypropylene
  • Backing treatment: SBR Latex
  • Total carpet thickness: 9mm +/- 1mm (0.35 inches) ISO 1765 (BS 4223)
  • Total carpet weight: Dependent on quality selected
  • Suitability for use: Commercial contract