Fractured Earth

Bespoke Carpet

  • Min order quantity 100sqm
  • Wool/nylon
  • Usually available in 4-6 weeks
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Fractured Earth

Inspired by tormented nature, this collection is a reflection of the fragile beauty of our world

From the cracked crusts of sun-baked riverbeds and the crests of rushing tides, to swirling, gathering storm clouds, cracking ice in the meltdown of polar summers and the leaf-bare nakedness of autumn branches; this is a collection with close connection to nature.

Clashing climactic patterns sit alongside opulent tones and expansive patterns.

Fractured Earth offers design inspiration for statement and encompassing design.

Fractured Earth fitting the bill?

Our inspirational collections are designed to be a jumping off point – to start a conversation about how we can develop these designs to be a real showstopper element in your scheme get in touch.

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  • 3.66 (12 ft) Broadloom – BS3655
  • Min order quantity 100sqm
  • Wool/nylon
  • Usually available in 4-6 weeks
  • Various
  • Made in Britain
  • Style: Contemporary
  • Design: Abstract
  • Design: Distressed
  • Design: Fractured
  • Design: Natural Effects
  • Design: Textures
  • Design: Wavy
Full spec
  • Construction: Axminster
  • Pile content: 80% wool, 20% nylon
  • Width: 3.66m (12 ft) Broadloom – BS3655
  • Pile weight: Dependent on quality selected
  • Rows: 7-10 row offer available
  • Pitch: 27.6 per 10 cm (7 per inch)
  • Backing: Polyester/polypropylene
  • Backing treatment: SBR Latex
  • Total carpet thickness: 9.00mm +/- 1.00 mm (0.35 inches) ISO 1765 (BS 4223)
  • Total carpet weight: Dependent on quality selected
  • Suitability for use: Medium to heavy commercial contract