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A dark red hotel carpet, designed by Wilton Carpets with white plant-like patterns
Helping Hotels

Whatever the size or style of your hotel, we can provide carpet that’s beautiful, enduring and easy to care for.

A hotel carpet with red and yellow spherical shapes, and a chair
Hotel Carpet

A wealth of solutions

You’ll find our carpet in city pubs with rooms, coastal boutiques and country estate hotels; each has particular priorities for their carpets and we offer a comprehensive range of solutions.

Printed carpet, tufted, axminster or wilton constructions all have their strengths and advantages; to discuss which – or the combination of which – will best suit your needs and budget, talk to one of our team.

A multicoloured hotel interior that matches with a bespoke Wilton rug
Hotel Carpet

Styling as diverse as our clients

Classic or contemporary, muted minimalism or mad maximalism, we’ve a diverse range of carpets to pick up and run with the theme of your scheme.

The semi-bespoke offer, Ready to Weave allows creative flexibility with the option to recolour the designs at no extra cost.

Need something wholly original? Speak to our studio team and together, we can develop the perfect solution to your exact requirements.


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