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The expectations for tertiary education and conferencing are high and we understand the décor and flooring can help set the right tone. The carpet also needs to be durable, easy to clean and offer long lifetime value.

There’s a wide variety of carpet constructions; printed, tufted, axminster and Wilton.  They all do different jobs.  If you’d like some selecting the best option for your design aspirations, traffic levels and budget, talk to one of our team.

Professional Design

We’ve a great selection of designs to choose from or be inspired by, many are versatile enough for use in functional, multi-use spaces. The semi-bespoke offer, Ready to Weave allows creative flexibility with the option to recolour the designs at no extra cost.  Equally, if your scheme calls for something unique, our in house design team will be pleased to listen to your brief and develop something original for your project.


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