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Choosing carpet

What are your carpet lead times?

We have a range of best-selling items in stock for immediate dispatch, our Rapide and tufted ranges are around the 2 week mark and the Ready To Weave collection is 3-4 weeks. All of those time frames are subject to slight movement depending on the quantity of carpet you order. Bespoke carpet is a bit like the piece of string question because there are so many variables. A rough guide would be 8-10 weeks but complexity of design, bespoke colours and quantity will be a few factors which will have a bearing on delivery timeframes. Get in touch and one of our Project Consultants can give you a clear idea, based on your requirements.

What style should I choose?

Clients often draw inspiration from the architecture or period of the building, the landscape around them or even from the theres of the venue; Cheltenham race course had golden horseshoes woven into the pattern detail of their carpets.

The scale of the design is usually dictated by the size of the space with large, expansive designs better suited to open plan areas.

You’ll have a dedicated Project Consultant who can listen to your style requirements, budget and time frame, and help you to hone in on a  carpet which will enhance the design scheme.

What is the best type of carpet construction?

Your Project Consultant will be able to advise on the best carpet type to suit the traffic demands of the space.

Essentially, tufted or printed carpet is best for lower traffic areas, such as guest bedrooms and upper floor corridors.

Axminster is harder wearing for restaurants, pubs, entrance and hallways; and with our Ready to Weave and bespoke offers, you are able to specify the quality to ensure you drive the best value for the area.

Wilton carpet is optimal for historic and heritage spaces which demand ultimate durability and luxury.

Fitting and supply

Do you offer a measuring service?

Our experience and expertise lies in design and manufacture from our Wiltshire factory HQ, But we do have a great relationship with many talented and professional carpet fitters up and down the country and overseas who we are confident will do a stirling job with the measuring up, specification and fitting of your carpet.

Do you export around the world?

Yes, we deliver to many parts of the world. Get in touch with our export team here and we can start a conversation about your requirements and how we might be able to help.

What's the best way to clean my carpet?

The key is prevention; barrier matting from external doors of at least 2 meters to allow for 2 steps to remove contaminants.

Regular vacuuming is the best way to keep carpets looking clean and bright coupled with a regular cleaning programme.

Spills and spot stains should be cleaned as soon as possible, using a blotting technique.

Our full cleaning and maintenance guide can be found here. Wilton Cleaning Maintenance

Can you provide underlay? And what is the best to use?

Yes, or we can recommend a trusted supplier.

The best type will depend on the carpet construction you chose, and the footfall in the venue.  Get in touch with one of our project consultants who can advise.

How long can I expect my carpet to last?

That will depend on the footfall in the venue and the carpet construction you opt for. And, the cleaning and maintenance programme you have in place.

Generally, you can reasonably expect a well maintained carpet, selected for the relevant level of traffic, to last 5-10 years.

Speak to one of our project consultants for more specific detail.


What are the TOG values of the carpets? And can they be used with underfloor heating?

As with most things, it depends on the carpet construction and quality. Here you can find a link to information on the carpets we have had tested and what that means for underfloor heating.

In essence, while our wool-rich carpets provide great insulation, they are, in the main, suitable for use with underfloor heating systems.  To ensure we give you the best advice for the specific carpet you’re looking at, it’s best to get in touch with one of our team to discuss the specifics. We’re always pleased to hear from you.

Bespoke carpets

Can I design my own pattern?

Absolutely, our studio team are here to listen to your brief and translate that into carpet reality. Get in touch to start the conversation.

How many colours can I use?

This depends on what type of carpet construction you opt for. The most common, axminster, allows a maximum of 12 colours.

How big can a pattern be?

This is dependent on the carpet construction; axminster allows for the greatest scale flexibility, in fact, with axminster, the scale is almost limitless. Printed carpet offers large scale options but not the ability to pattern match. Get in touch with a project consultant here and we can talk you through the options.


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