The Tartan Collection

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  • 100 sqm min qty
  • Around 4 weeks
  • Made in Britain
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Historic references and new favourites

The enduring popularity of tartans is evident in country clubs, golf venues, hotels and hospitality spaces around the world. This anthology includes classic and well-loved designs as well as reimagined tartan-inspired patterns to push the traditional-styling boundaries. The scale of these designs varies from petite, almost textural, to grand and expansive. Quality and colour can be specified to suit the space and scheme with this customisable range.

A modern take on an enduring favourite.

Some of the designs in this collection have stood the test of time, some are playful re-imaginings of classic design; all look marvellous in leisure and hospitality settings.

Does your project call for a bit of tartan styling?

Get in touch and we can help you find the perfect design, customise the colours and quality to ensure it’s going to work perfectly in your venue.

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  • 3.66m 12ft
  • 100 sqm min qty
  • Wool/nylon
  • Around 4 weeks
  • Various
  • Made in Britain
  • Style: Classic
  • Style: Contemporary
  • Design: Damask
  • Design: Distressed
  • Design: Foliage
  • Design: Geometric
  • Design: Tartan
  • Design: Trellis
Full spec
  • Construction: Axminster
  • Pile content: 80% wool 20% nylon – BS 3655
  • Width: 3.66m 12ft Broadloom – BS 3655
  • Pile weight: Dependent on quality selected
  • Rows: 7-10 row
  • Pitch: 27.6 per 10cm (7 per inch)
  • Backing: Polyester and polypropylene
  • Backing treatment: SBR Latex
  • Total carpet thickness: 9mm +/- 1mm (0.35 inches) ISO 1765 (BS 4223)
  • Total carpet weight: Dependent on quality selected
  • Suitability for use: Commercial contract