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Stylish Retirement Apartments

Methley, UK
Retirement Apartments in Methley

Timeless and other-worldly beauty of Ethereal


We’re delighted to have recently installed another Ethereal Collection at Retirement Apartments in Methley, West Yorkshire.

This collection of flowing florals and classic motifs has distressed overlays in muted pastel tones giving it a bohemian, dreamy quality.

Stunning Transitions


Architects KPA wanted to offer a varied and interesting experience through the walkways in this retirement complex, and opted for the unique style of Ethereal for 450m2 of corridors, woven in our durable axminster.

Customisable Design


We’ve a range of inspirational collections designed to be a springboard for your imagination. Use these designs as a jumping off point to customise the colour, scale and quality of your carpet to create the perfect bespoke piece.

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