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Larger-than-life Design

Larger-than-life Design

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Large over-scale designs that add a dramatic statement to the floor continue to be one of the strongest trends for hospitality interiors of all sizes.

Whether a small boutique hotel dining room or a large conference suite, these designs are used in a similar fashion to that of statement wallpaper, though the carpet has to work within a far more complex shape and larger areas. Not only do these larger than life patterns have to complement the overall ambience of the interior, reflecting colour palettes and mood, but they also have to work with the practicalities of zoning, such as informal lounge areas and busier meeting spaces.


Key design themes for over-scale creations include an eclectic fusion of organic and geometric elements. Painted florals and hand-drawn sketches lend a vintage quality to the space while retaining an air of elegance, which is so important for hospitality venues keen to make a good impression with visitors. Inspired by key themes in the fabric sector, styles are also taking a retrospective look at carpet design of the past to create a fresh take on traditional patterns such as damasks, Persian and paisleys.

In terms of palettes, dramatic sense is enhanced with striking jewel shades in gold, jade and copper providing opulence and being poised alongside natural metallic earth tones of carbon, platinum, ochre and olives to provide harmony or contrast. Think vintage with a sense of drama and depth.

Combining large-scale patterns with strong tone is creating really unique interiors. Using design and colouration is not merely just a practical consideration, but also one that is geared to elevate the status of the carpet and to lift the ambience of the interior, rather than just as an aside. Whether you call it Quirky Vintage or Modern Rustic, this eclectic mix of styles all makes for an ‘off the wall on the floor’ statement in interior design.

Wilton Carpets Commercial has become one of the foremost suppliers of carpet for the hospitality industry, with its standard offer and bespoke design service delivering a blend of style, performance and value. Responsible for many of the manufacturer’s stunning creations, design manager Julie Robertson, explores the latest trends in carpet for the sector.

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