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Carpet looking a bit bare and nibbled? It’s probably Tinea Pellionella.

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A pretty name for a tiny creature with a voracious appetite. Carpet moths typically live outdoors in birds’ nests and on animals, but we are seeing an increasing problem with them invading homes and commercial spaces, attracted to the natural fibres in carpeting and soft furnishings. It’s an increasingly significant problem in the South of the UK.  They typically munch in corners, under furniture and other spaces they are less likely to be disturbed.  Shut downs, due to current restrictions have left pubs, bars, restaurant and hotels in the dark, and unvacuumed for obvious reasons, so hordes of Tinea Pellionella have been left to flourish.

Moth Proof vs Moth Resistant


‘Moth proof’ is a misnomer; the only way to treat carpets is to treat the yarn with a chemical toxic to moths and similar carpet-consuming critters. It’s the moth larvae which do the damage: they consume the keratin-rich wool as a protein source before hatching. This is a plus in breaking the life cycle because treated carpets are toxic to the moth, meaning the larvae nibble a tiny quantity, then succumb to the toxin the carpet is treated with, before they are able to lay more eggs.

Moth Mitigation


Here are some steps which will help to reduce the risk of a moth infestation, and then reduce the impact if one should happen.

  • Regular vacuuming. Especially in infrequently used places and dark corners.
  • Moth papers. Trap the adults and stop them laying more eggs if they are present already.
  • Install a moth trap so that you can keep an eye out and monitor for any future activity. The aim is to break the breeding cycle.
  • Insecticide sprays, repeated treatment will help get rid of the moth infestation.
  • Thorough professional treatment routine. There are also many DIY products available on the market such as spray and smoke bombs. These treatment products will generally involve evacuating for a couple of hours.

When life gives you moths…


If the infestation has caused considerable damage to your carpet, or you are worried about it returning, you might choose to see it as an opportunity to redecorate. If that’s the case, our full range of beautiful carpets can be manufactured with moth-resistant properties.  These are the same carpets, made from the same premium commercial quality yarn, but the yarn is treated with a moth-killer-chemical, which endures for as long as your carpet.

We can also offer the same treatment for tufted carpets on request.

In the first instance, get in touch and one of our technical specialist area managers will be able to provide details and pricing.

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