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Why Choose Wilton Carpets?

All of Wilton’s carpets are made from luxurious British wool-rich yarn, proven to produce the best of carpets and delivered to you direct from the UK.

With our rich heritage, manufacturing expertise and inspirational designers, all based in the UK, we create carpets that add to the interior architecture of some of the world’s most iconic buildings.  We pride ourselves on creating beautifully-designed, long-lasting carpets that exceed expectations and delight our customers.

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Wilton Design Hub

If you’re looking for inspiration then check out the new Wilton Carpets Design Hub, where you can explore our huge library of designs by colour, construction, availability or pattern.
Simple to use, the Design Hub will also let you order samples and visualise your chosen designs in standardised rooms, as well as download images for presentations. You can even recolour some of our designs ‘on the fly’, making the Design Hub a great place to start exploring.

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Commercial Sectors

Hotel Carpet

Providing stock, custom and bespoke wool hotel carpet crafted in Britain, here at Wilton Carpets we specialise in woven and tufted carpet for traditional and modern hotels. Whether a large city hotel, country house hotel, boutique hotel or bed and breakfast, Wilton Carpets can provide hotel carpet that’s beautiful, enduring and easy to care for; everything a hotel carpet should be.

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Golf & Country Clubs

With members demanding high-quality interiors that reflect the status of their club, the selection of quality carpet is important and Wilton Carpets can provide high-quality woven and tufted golf club carpet or country club carpet. With stock, custom and bespoke wool carpet crafted in Britain, Wilton Carpets bring golf club carpet and country club carpet that’s beautiful, enduring and easy to care for.

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Pubs & Bars

With guests and customers wanting to relax and enjoy themselves in stylish surroundings; pub and bars can benefit hugely from woven wool pub carpet from Wilton Carpets. Here at Wilton, we have a long track-record of delivering the ideal carpet for public houses and hotel bars, offering high-quality woven wool pub carpets in traditional and modern designs.  

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Historic and Heritage

With a pattern library including historic and heritage carpet designs, Wilton Carpets is one of the UK’s leading authorities on woven axminster wool carpet for historic and heritage buildings. From faithful reproductions of original carpet designs in high-quality woven axminster through to contemporary interpretations of period designs for historic buildings with a modern purpose, Wilton Carpets has a long record of manufacturing wool historic and heritage carpet.      

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Selecting the right entertainment carpet for your gaming, leisure or entertainment venue requires thought about carpet design and durability. With the ability for precise pattern reproduction and suitable for use in high-wear situations, wool-rich woven axminster carpet from Wilton is ideal as entertainment carpet and leisure carpet.      

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With guests and customers wanting to relax and enjoy themselves in stylish surroundings; Wilton Carpets can design and manufacture the ideal wool restaurant carpet for your venue. Here at Wilton, we have a long track-record of delivering the ideal restaurant carpet, offering high-quality woven wool carpets in traditional and modern designs.    

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Public Buildings

Town halls, council buildings, public libraries and galleries come under intense use and as focal points for communities, these often historic or prestigious buildings require high-quality woven wool public building carpet. Wilton Carpets can provide public building woven wool carpet that is durable and easy to maintain under normal maintenance regimes.  

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Selecting the right leisure carpet for your gaming and entertainment venue requires thought about leisure carpet design and durability. With the ability for precise pattern reproduction and suitable for use in high-wear situations, wool-rich woven Axminster leisure carpets from Wilton are ideal for any entertainment venue.      

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Education & Conference

With expectations for attractive, quiet and comfortable learning and conferencing environments from students and attendees, Wilton Carpets can provide an Education Conference carpet that’s beautiful, enduring and easy to care for; everything a further education and conference carpet should be.    

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Feature: Meet Our Creative Team

Working with You To Create A Perfect Aesthetic

From a simple idea to a complex brief, the Wilton Carpets UK-based design team will help to turn your ideas and concepts into a reality.

We work closely with clients, designers and specifiers and whether influenced by furniture, architectural details or pure aesthetic, Wilton Carpets’ designers will translate your vision into stunning spaces.

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Wilton Carpets Design Team

Latest from Wilton

Woven Carpet Construction: What is the difference between woven Axminster Carpet and woven Wilton Carpet?

While tufted and woven carpets may look similar at first glance, their manufacture is quite different and so too are performance and design capability. Therefore, knowing exactly what the differences are is not just carpet geekery, it’s essential information for anyone involved in specifying carpet. Woven Carpet Carpet weaving is the most traditional way to make carpet; To make a woven carpet, a loom interlaces face yarns (generally a blend of wool) and jute or synthetic backing yarns to create the carpet. Once the carpet is removed from the loom, a thin coating of latex is applied to the back to lock the tufts in place. There are two types of carpet weaving, Wilton and Axminster, each a variation on the weaving process. Woven Axminster Carpet With the axminster method, each… Read More

A Super-fast Carpet Full of Spirit

Spirit is the latest Ready to Go woven axminster collection from Wilton Carpets, bringing all-over interpretations of repeating geometrics inspired by Greek key patterns. Impressively versatile, thoroughly modern and perfect for hotels seeking a glamorous deco feel, Spirit comes in three strong patterns that add poise and purpose to corridors, receptions, lounges and guest bedrooms. Using the rich and luscious colour combinations found in Wilton’s Creations colour palette, Mettle, Moxie and Magic bring an intoxicating and captivating carpet for hospitality interiors. “Spirit captures the elegance of the Art Deco era for a look that is ideal for hotels wanting to create a rich and lavish interior,” says Damian Roscoe, Creative Director at Wilton Carpets. “From the gold and grey combinations in Mettle Demerara to the midnight and gunmetal of Moxie… Read More

Case Study: Ethereal Inspiration At The Imperial Banqueting Suite

The stunning Ethereal collection of wool-rich woven axminster by Wilton Carpets, has inspired a striking new floor for the impressive mezzanine at Preston’s Imperial Banqueting Suite, a new wedding venue inspired by Dubai’s luxury hotels. Capable of accommodating 950 guests, there is no doubt that this new luxury space, costing in excess of £700,000 to renovate, provides an impressive space for weddings and events. The interior, which references geometric Islamic art throughout in bespoke fret work, brass lanterns and gilded brass reception area bars, was designed by Petal Interiors. “As soon as I saw the Ethereal collection from Wilton Carpets, I was adamant that it would take a role in one of my projects,” comments Nita Patel, creative designer. “The mezzanine level at the Imperial proved the perfect canvas, capturing… Read More