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What you can look for in commercial interiors 2023.

What you can look for in commercial interiors 2023.

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Pops of vibrancy, tactile materials, craftmanship… and maximalism’s going no where!

The colour palette is set to broaden out, giving designers much freer rein to set the tone with tones, as commercial spaces increasingly look to the home aesthetic to provide a sense of warmth, comfort or personality.

We’ll be seeing abundant rich pattern and complementing layers of texture through mixed materials as we reach for more natural, and individually crafted fabrics and furniture.  And a key trend are those lush, multi-dimensional biophilic elements, provided by living walls and clever planting.

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Colour me happy

Paprika’s the word for ’23.  Well at least one of them, as neutrals remain a feature but as the clean space for intense patterns and vibrant orange, sunburst, to soft corals and apricots. In the blue space, we’ll still be leaning into pastels, but also it’s all about aqua and the blue/black night sky.

Ethos and themes

As well as the maxim, more is more, we’ll be seeing a lot of mid-century modern, soft, arched lines and flashes of inspiration from expressionism and cubism. There’s a move away from mass-produced anything, and an appetite for master craftmanship and materials which can be repurposed and reused.

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