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Wilton Carpets on the Antiques roadshow

We’re on Antiques Road Trip

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Presenter Charlie Ross and his team came to the factory late last year to learn about the story behind the world-famous Wilton weave and the subsequent hundreds of years of history which have shaped this manufacturing business in South Wiltshire.

There was a carpet factory built on our site in Wilton in 1655. In this year, England was between Kings, and Oliver Cromwell was busy dividing the country up into 11 districts, each under military control. It was the year Cyrano de Bergerac died.  It was 5 years before Samuel Pepys started his diaries.

The last 365 years have seen development, disaster, technological advancement and even a war-imposed stoppage where the factory was used as a laundry for hospital blankets. The Antiques Road Trip team was fascinated to learn about the machinery, skills and famous carpets; the things which haven’t changed. It’s great, as a business to have British manufacturing at our core, and product manufactured with wool from sheep raised on British pastureland.

The show’s an homage to British manufacturing, heritage skills and the inter-relationship between business, art, culture and social history.

Catch it here: https://www.bbc.co.uk/iplayer/episode/m000dcjm/antiques-road-trip-series-20-episode-9

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