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Mesmerising Geometrics

Mesmerising Geometrics

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Designs based on geometric structure are stronger than ever and the look is now a firm favourite for many hospitality venues, not just for flooring, but also modular wall panels that take on amazing sculptural forms based on grids, hexagons and diamonds to name a few. A walk around 100% Design revealed that these geometric forms are also taking shape in glass finishes, laminates, tiles and lighting.

Working through public areas in hotels and pubs, this inspiring trend is reflected in carpet with larger scale design, while in smaller areas such as bedrooms the trend is expressed through carpets with a smaller scale and simplified detail along with a more subdued palette. Some have a quirky vintage feel, while others prove to be on the serious side with a classic style, yet both give a strong design statement that is stunning and completely mesmerising.

Careful tonal combinations to achieve depth are the hallmark of successful geometric carpet designs. Too strong and the effect becomes optical, as if the carpet is trying to hypnotise you; too subtle and the effect of the depth is lost. Colours for these designs included a sophisticated array of monochromes in gunmetal and silver, along with rich, zesty colours such as mustard, teal, magenta and orange.

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