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Considering Colour: Individualisation

Individualisation is a mega trend affecting a huge impact on the way we want to live. From homes, to work and our leisure time, the consumer need for self-expression, of feeling unique is driving brand and design communities. What does this mean for hospitality design? Firstly, is how the brand tells its own story. Successful brands build loyalty through honesty in their culture, their products and the experience they offer. This is what sets them apart from others. Social media captures micro moments that peak interest, but within hospitality the consumer goes through many touch points that need to seamlessly link, creating a cohesive dialogue. Colour, texture and scent directions are designed with brand in mind, as though for an individual client. This framework connects emotionally driven marketing communication with… Read More

Cocktail Nights with Havana

In 10 incredible fusionist designs that artfully blend layers of abstract pattern and familiar floral and geometric motifs, Havana is the latest Ready to Go narrowloom carpet range from Wilton Carpets. Crafted specifically to cater for the needs of the pub/bar, leisure and restaurant sector, Havana’s cocktail themed designs bring striking modern design in colourways for the latest interior looks. Designs such as Pina Colada, Mint Julep, Bellini and Black Velvet use Wilton’s brand-new Creations colour palette to dazzling result, offering beautiful base colour combinations of blue and grey with popping highlights of rust and lime green lifting these designs beyond the norm. Whether late-night cocktail bar or traditional country pub, Havana is certain to lift the mood and set a thoroughly elegant tone. Damian Roscoe, head of creative, Wilton… Read More

Case Study: Ethereal Inspiration At The Imperial Banqueting Suite

The stunning Ethereal collection of wool-rich woven axminster by Wilton Carpets, has inspired a striking new floor for the impressive mezzanine at Preston’s Imperial Banqueting Suite, a new wedding venue inspired by Dubai’s luxury hotels. Capable of accommodating 950 guests, there is no doubt that this new luxury space, costing in excess of £700,000 to renovate, provides an impressive space for weddings and events. The interior, which references geometric Islamic art throughout in bespoke fret work, brass lanterns and gilded brass reception area bars, was designed by Petal Interiors. “As soon as I saw the Ethereal collection from Wilton Carpets, I was adamant that it would take a role in one of my projects,” comments Nita Patel, creative designer. “The mezzanine level at the Imperial proved the perfect canvas, capturing… Read More