Combining patterns for a tiled effect

Tile effects are proving a strong influence for carpet, with nostalgic overtures using Victorian trellis, Gothic scrolls and Fleur de Lys.

There is a mix and match quality to these latest designs, with style and scale both used to full effect in fabulous diamond, hexagonal and grid structures for carpets that have a real patchwork quilt feel. In terms of tone, subtle and sophisticated contemporary chalks are seen alongside more dramatic combinations such as platinum, silver, petrol, lime and orange.

Varying scale alongside pattern is a key theme with over-scale effects adding a spectacular look to the end result.

Designs like this are merged to create an eclectic, random feel.

#B2498 S 1


#B8140 B Y 1

#0297-02-1 8x9 P26

#BA242 C 1

Retro cool with structured design

The trend for structure continues unabated with an array of styles – from true retro classics through to complex computer-generated algorithms and fractals, for looks that have a mesmerising and hypnotic quality.

With a profusion of architural and natural skeletal structures, elements of lace and meshing layers to create multi-faceted interest, or simply a flat two-colour statement, these modern geometrics really do deliver a smart contemporary statement.

#D091 G 1

#D091 E 1

#D091 C 1

#D091 A 1

Traditional damasks and paisleys redesigned for a modern look

These new axminster designs are structured and free flowing with traditional plain finish or with beautiful textured embellishment. 

The designs work in either with contemporary or traditional interiors, evoking opulence and elegance with their dramatic large scale repeats.

Fashionable neutrals and jewel colour accents are used to create a rich fashionable and timeless combination.

#D066 DH 2

#D030 DM 3

#D030 DF 1

#D066 CW 1

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