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The Wilton Carpet Factory Ltd is accredited to the latest ISO 9001 standards, you can be sure of the highest quality on all carpets leaving our factory.

All our Ready to Go carpet has CE-EN 14041 2004 Classification:

  • Axminster: Bfl s1 (B flooring)
  • Tufted: Cfl s1 (C flooring)

All our Ready to Go carpet is colour fast (Wet 3-4: Scale 1-5).


A pile of 80% pure wool and 20% nylon ensures your carpet will be hard wearing and keep its looks for years to come with heavy contract use in any commercial environment.

Our Ready to Go carpet is woven at a robust 8 rows per inch* and backed with a sturdy blend of jute, polyester and polypropylene.


Our axminster carpets have passed these carpet flammability tests:

  • Hot Metal Nut Test BS 4790
  • Radiant Panel ISP 9239-1
  • Methanamine Pill BS 6307

Backing is treated with SBR Fire Retardant Latex* which is electrically conductive to reduce static.

Cruise Ships

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For marine applications, every Ready to Go axminster carpet is Wheelmark approved*.

  • IMO and US Coast Guard Certified
  • IMO Resolution A653 (16)
  • IMO Resolution MSC 61 (67) Annex Part 2 and Annex 2
  • IMO Resolution MSC 61 (67) Annex Part 5 and Annex 2

*Matrix narrowloom carpet is 7 rows per inch, backed with SBR Latex and is not Wheelmark approved.


All our tufted carpets have the same durable mix of 80% pure wool and 20% manmade fibre.

Specifications vary so check the details with each range or get in touch for more information.

Installation and maintenance

Please contact us for full installation and maintenance advice.

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