Choose from any of these striking Ready-to-Weave designs, and select colours from within one of our colour palettes to bring your interior an exclusive identity.
The process is beautifully simple: Select any design from our library; Request a sample; Select the quality right for you and your carpet will be ready in just 4 weeks.
There is a minimum order quantity of just 100 sqm.
Explore our Ready to Weave Collections below and if you have any questions, we will be more than happy to advise you.
Simply call us on 01722 746000 or Email Us and we’ll get straight back to you.


40 designs

Creative and inspirational designs for truly stunning i...


39 designs

Ethereal is the first purely inspirational design colle...


12 designs


8 designs

Contemporary Classics

50 designs

Perfect for co-ordinated interiors.


6 designs


9 designs

Kingston Pindot & Motif

20 designs


12 designs

Kingston Naturals

12 designs


54 designs

Opulence, elegance and a touch of drama.

Elements 1

54 designs

Lavish and luxurious to urban geometrics.


10 designs

Natural Silhouettes

48 designs

Nature-inspired design.


10 designs

Classical Dimensions 3

186 designs

Classical, period & retro - our latest collection.


8 designs


We offer a range of tufted carpet options in contemporary designs. Perfect for guestrooms, corridors and meeting rooms, our selection
of tufted carpets designs can be produced to your exact specification and in the perfect colour to complement your interior.
There is a minimum order quantity of 300sqm and your carpet can be ready in just 6 weeks from order, subject to quantity.
Please call us on 01722 746000 or Email Us with your questions and requirements and to request a sample.


64 colourways

Inspirational tufted designs.


8 colourways

Contemporary yet timeless in sophisticated colourways.

Zig Zag

8 colourways

Striking design - fabulous colour options.


8 colourways

Versatile design - array of colour options.


8 colourways

Smart style with monochrome & bright colour options.

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