The high wool content of our carpets responds well to a proper care and maintenance regime. Follow these guidelines to help prolong the life and appearance of the carpet:

Soil Prevention

Try to prevent as much soil as possible from tracking into the building by use of appropriate entrance mats. Where practical, 2 linear metres of barrier matting should be installed at entrances, allowing at least two paces over which some soil from shoes may be walked off. Make sure that the matting itself is regularly cleaned, otherwise a soil reservoir is created which can be counter-productive. Smaller size secondary matting either loose laid or inlaid, will provide a second line of defence, and help prevent abrasive grit and other soil particles entering the building.

Daily Cleaning

Thorough regular vacuuming is probably the most effective means by which carpet appearance can be maintained, as this not only removes soil and grit, but helps prevent premature matting. For cut pile carpets, an upright vacuum cleaner incorporating a brush and beater bar will be most effective, but for loop pile carpets, a suction-only vacuum should be used. In both cases, make sure the vacuum is regularly checked to ensure it is functioning effectively and efficiently.

Periodic Cleaning

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There are two methods for a more thorough cleaning that we recommend: 'Spray Extraction' (otherwise known as 'Hot Water Extraction' or 'Steam Cleaning'); or 'Dry Extraction'. In both cases, we suggest use of a professional cleaning company to carry out this work, and ideally, a certified 'Woolsafe Approved' contractor. For more information, call us on 01722 746000 or email or Woolsafe at

Spot Cleaning Spillages

It is always best to tackle spillages as promptly as possible to avoid stains becoming fixed. Professional stain removing kits are available on the market, and we would recommend having one of these available for emergency use. Follow the manufacturer's instructions in the use of cleaning agents, paying particular care to the following:

  • Work from the edge of the stain inwards, to prevent its spread
  • Always blot the carpet with absorbent tissue or a clean cloth -- never rub the pile
  • Rinse the treated area with clean water, and blot (using a heavy object to weigh down an absorbent pad) until dry
  • Avoid use of the treated area until thoroughly dry, to prevent rapid re-soiling

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